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Where to start?! If you know me at all, you would know I don't like talking about myself.  I would rather tell you all about my beautiful family and what I love to do. 

So here we go.  I am a white chocolate mocha coffee snob! I also LOVE lounging in my pjs with my two gorgeous, spunky little girls and my three dogs.  If I'm not photographing you, your littles or editing, you'll find me drinking coffee hanging with the girls making bath bombs, lotions or something else I think I need to try.  I might also be hanging out with a couple of my closest girlfriends chatting about anything and everything.     

 newborn & family photographer

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how it all started

Like a lot of other photographers I simply enjoy being able to capture meaningful images for my family, friends and clients.  But, I want you to know my why.

  I want to be able to provide everyone with an image of their loved ones that they can cherish and hold one to for many years.  Often we are left wishing we had more images of them to hold on to.  That's were I come in.  I am here to help you capture every special moment for you and your family!  During your session we'll laugh and joke around, maybe play a game or two with the littles to get those belly laugh smiles! 

During your newborn session I will capture every loving smile and glance between daddy, mommy, sibling and baby. I will probably fall in love with your littles and offer to babysit :) 

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